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The Wait Is Over: ‘Her Name Was Christa’ Arrives Soon And Is Packed With Extras

The term “passion project” can have two meanings: A strong desire to tell a personal story, or an even stronger desire to never compromise in the way it’s told. James L. Edwards’ Her Name Was Christa (read our review here) falls under both definitions. After 7 months of haggling with …

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‘Her Name Was Christa’ Is Both Brutally Honest And Strangely Comforting

It’d be a mistake to call Her Name Was Christa a James L. Edwards’ comeback movie. To paraphrase Billie Holiday, he never went away to begin with. Edwards is probably best known for his roles in Bloodletting (1997), Polymorph (1996), The Dead Next Door (1989), Robot Ninja (1989) and Killer …

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‘Her Name Was Christa’ Teaser Takes Love To The Limit

The romantic thriller Her Name Was Christa takes love and slams it into the greatest obstacle of all: Death. How love, not to mention sanity, survives this great cosmic endgame isn’t clear just yet. But the feature film’s just-released teaser trailer tells me it’s going to be a dark, introspective …

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