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My Love Letter to Asian Horror Films

My love of horror films started later in life. Up until my early 20’s, I was more of an arthouse cinephile than a Wes Craven fan. But then my brother and I started working at the same independent video store to make money during college. As a bonus, we were …

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Sundance Film Festival 2022: This Horror Review Roundup Has Such Sights to Show You – Movie Reviews

Now that Sundance 2022 has come to a close, I want to share with you my thoughts on the films I saw. In this first article, I’ll cover the horror and thriller features I got to watch, a few quick thoughts on each, as well as whether I recommend checking …

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The Man Behind The Camera: Interview With Indie Director Anthony Raus

Anthony Raus

I recently got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite people in the indie horror business. A great man who is talented and also willing to help others succeed, director Anthony Raus. Learn about how he got involved in this business, some of his favorite projects, who he would …

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Arrow Video Spreads The Blu-ray Love This February!

Arrow Video / Arrow Academy

Another month, another great slate of releases from Arrow Video! February 2019 brings with it SEVEN new special edition releases from one of our favorite home video retailers. Need a genre classic to keep you warm this winter? You’re in luck. The folks at Arrow, as always, have your back! …

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Takashi Miike Turns 57 – Happy Birthday!

A modern-day master of Japanese cinema. August 24th marks the birthday of one of Japan’s grand masters of film, Takashi Miike, a director that has not only mastered horror, but all aspects of genre. Today, we look back at the many faces of Takashi as he continues to shock, overwhelm and …

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