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Shudder Review: ‘The Queen of Black Magic’ (2020) is a Phenomenal Horror Story that Delivers Nightmare Fuel

The Queen of Black Magic

The sins of the past come back with a vengeance in this new film from two of Indonesia’s modern masters of horror. It is one of the best horror thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. The Queen of Black Magic was directed by Kimo Stamboel (HEADSHOT) and written by Joko …

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New Trailers Available for Three Shudder Original Films

New trailers are out for July’s three Shudder Original films, Lake of Death, Impetigore, and Random Acts of Violence. Lake of Death is directed by Nini Bull Robshm (Amnesia 2014), and stars Patrick Walshe McBride, Ulric von der Esch, and Iben Akerlie. It will be available July 23, 2020. Synopsis: A year …

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