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Ten Fun Facts About Glen Morgan’s ‘Black Christmas’ (2006)

He sees you when you’re sleeping… and he ain’t no Santa Claus. It’s been fifteen years since we were introduced to Billy and the girls at Delta Alpha Kappa sorority. If someone made me choose between the 1974’s original and the 2006 remake, I’d choose the original. However, Glen Morgan’s …

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The Pack Podcast Features Celebrity Voice Talent This Halloween

Looking for something to listen to while driving trick or treaters around or going to a Halloween party? Eugene Pack’s The Pack Podcast has spooky, old school radio dramas with very familiar voices. From the official press release: Oscar nominee Jennifer Tilly (Child’s Play franchise, Bullets Over Broadway), Rob Morrow …

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Top 5 Streaming Holiday Horrors 2020

Christmas time may not be a time that many associate with horror, but us fiends know that every day is Halloween, especially Christmas. So, to get you even more in the Christmas-y mood, here are my personal top must watches for holiday horror. 1. Black Christmas Black Christmas is an …

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