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I Watched 20 ‘AMITYVILLE HORROR’ Sequels So You Don’t Have To!

The Amityville Horror

Ah, sequels. In today’s horror scene, they seem more of an inevitability than a surprise. Liked Saw? Well, sit back down because you get to watch NINE more, with more on the way! The Wrong Turn franchise has five sequels and a reboot. But there is one series that really, …

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Coming Soon: Mark Polonia’s ‘Amityville in Space’

Coming soon from Wild Eye Releasing and director Mark Polonia (Land Shark) is a new horror film called Amityville in Space. The film stars Titus Himmelberger (Sharkenstein), Cassandra Hayes (ZillaFoot), Tim Hatch (Noah’s Shark), Ryan Dalton (Children of Camp Blood). It will be available July of 2022. Synopsis: The ultimate …

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