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Danny Boyle’s ‘28 Days Later’ (2002) – Retro Review

We’ve had 20 years and a real viral outbreak under our belts since the release of Danny Boyle’s brilliant 28 Days Later on November 1, 2002. Let’s look back on one of the most well-made horror films of the century thus far… with gratitude that toilet paper and masks were …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ’28 WEEKS LATER’ (2007)

28 Weeks Later

Zombies have always been one of my biggest fears. I feel like it’s such a possible reality for humans in this day and age. Especially given how advanced our science is. I think it’s totally believable to think that our government could be doing experiments to make an undead army. …

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Public Pandemic Panic: Our 7 Top Viral/Pandemic Films

Amid the panic and hysteria that has spread throughout our world right now, I myself found opportunity. Everyone in the modern age of cinema seems to have a obsession with films portraying global pandemic/viral infections. Whether it be a form of mutated rabies to a sickness with no origin that …

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Fifteen Years After ’28 Days Later…’ A Retro Review

28 Days Later… first graced American screens 15 years ago this month. I remember it vividly because my wife and I were expecting our first child, and I’m sitting there thinking that it’s either going to scar him in utero or give him an unexplainable affinity for horror. Well, neither …

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