Don't Fuck In The Woods 2

Shawn Burkett’s ‘Don’t F*ck In The Woods 2’ (2022) – Movie Review

Six long years ago, I reviewed a little film called Don’t Fuck In The Woods, a film that introduced me to the world of director Shawn Burkett and Concept Media (read that review here). Now the long-awaited sequel Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2 is finally here!

Was it worth the wait?

Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details!

Don't Fuck In The Woods 2

Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2 Synopsis

The counselors of Pine Hills Summer Camp are getting the grounds ready for the season. While they set up, a mysterious girl enters the camp after a night of bloodshed. And there are things following her as well.

Shawn Burkett directed the film, from a script he wrote with Cheyenne Gordon. The film stars Brittany Blanton (Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2016), Brandy Mason (WrestleMassacre 2018), Julie Anne Prescott (Teacher Shortage 2020), Kenzie Phillips (Ouija Blood Ritual 2020), Kaylee Williams (Teacher Shortage 2020), Nessa Moore, Cheyenne Gordon (Scream For Summer 2017), Jason Crowe (They See You 2022), Kayla Elizabeth (RIP: Rest In Pieces 2020), Cara McConnell (Blood Moon River 2017), Tom Komisar (Nightblade 2016), and Alex Gottman (Cinematic Reality 2018).

A Much Anticipated Slasher Sequel

So was Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2 worth the wait? You bet your ass it was! The film ups the ante in every way. It takes the graphic content and ramps it up to 11. Not only that, the film builds and expands on the original in exciting ways. While still at its core a creature feature/slasher, this sequel adds some Cronenbergian body horror elements which worked surprisingly well given the film’s limited budget.

Don’t Fuck 2 benefits greatly from the cast that Shawn has assembled here: likely one of the best he’s ever worked with. Cheyenne Gordon is incredibly funny. His delivery makes the lines even funnier. He also kicks a lot of ass. Kayla Elizabeth does a great job bringing humor, heart, and vulnerability to her character.

Kenzie Phillips is an actress I was unfamiliar with until Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2. Her character could have come off as very unlikable if the wrong actress was chosen, but Kenzie makes the character likable. Her interactions with Cheyenne in the final act of the film are hilarious.

Brittany Blanton was the heart and soul of the original film and it was amazing to see her come back after all these years and still kick major monster ass. The ending hints this will continue in the future.

Don't Fuck In The Woods 2

Final Thoughts

Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2 has been a long time coming, but I’m happy to say it was well worth the wait. The sequel amps up the elements that made the original a favorite with indie horror fans so many years ago and is made in a way that welcomes new fans who haven’t seen the original. I’m honestly excited for what the future holds for this franchise but hopefully, it’s not another 6-year wait.

What did you think of the sequel? Have you seen it? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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