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Rebecca Rinehart And Rob Mello’s ‘Tin Roof’ Begins Shooting Next Month

PopHorror contributor Rebecca Rinehart (our interview) has already made a name for herself in the indie horror community. She’s acted in 30 films alone, including CarousHELL 2 2021 – our review), Shriekshow (2022 – our review), 13 Slays Till X-Mas (2020 – our review) and the upcoming My Girlfriend The …

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Movie Review – Steve Rudzinski’s ‘CarousHELL 2’ (2021): Nazis, A Carousel Unicorn, and Loads of Blood…Oh My!

CarousHELL 2

In honor of CarousHELL 2 premiering at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA tonight, I thought this was the perfect time to share my thoughts about this film. CarousHELL 2 was directed by Steve Rudzinski as well as co-written by himself and Aleen Isley. This film has a great cast. …

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Exclusive Stills from Retro 80s Slasher ‘My Girlfriend the Serial Killer’

Still My Girlfriend the Serial Killer

PopHorror is excited to share the first exclusive stills from My Girlfriend the Serial Killer. This film was written and directed by Samantha Marie (check out our interview with her – HERE) and Derek Huey (check out our interview with him – HERE). Samantha also stars in the film alongside …

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Rebecca Rinehart’s ‘The Embalmers’ (2021) Is Unique And Ambitious – Movie Review

If you watch low budget indie horror and are craving something uniquely different, then The Embalmers is the movie for you! The Embalmers is directed by PopHorror’s own Rebecca Rinehart (Frightvision, Sharks Of The Corn, Backwoods Bubba… read our interview with her here), co-written by Rebecca, Diane Fraker (There’s An Alien …

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