Peter Hurd’s Horror Novel ‘XOLO’ Is Available Now

Director Peter Hurd (read our review of his film, The Control Group, here) just released his first horror novel! It’s called XOLO, and Peter was kind enough to give us an exclusive first look at the cover before the launch. It looks like a great read. Paul Allen of BlueInk Review calls it, “Stephen King’s Cujo meets Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.”

Read on for the details!

Peter Hurd
Peter Hurd photographed by Dani Werner

XOLO Synopsis

Xolo tells the story of nature-loving Colorado real estate developer Derek Rains, who, while on a business trip to Mexico, adopts a Xolo for his young family. These dogs were revered by the Aztecs as the guardians of the underworld. But when the animal bites his son, Derek is forced to abandon his new pet in the woods, where it is picked up by an underground dog-fighting ring. Horrified to see people forcing animals to kill each other, the Xolo taps into the ancient powers of its species to convince the other dogs to band together and kill their captors.

Now free and wanting revenge on the humans who hurt and abandoned them, the dogs begin killing people who imprison their pets, growing the pack’s ranks in the process. With the murders spreading across the county, the local sheriff’s suspicions fall on Derek, whose pet was the only vicious animal in the area before these attacks. Derek refuses to believe that his dog could be responsible for so much carnage, but when his young son almost becomes the Xolo’s next victim, Derek must face up to the facts and put an end to the slaughter.

Here’s a look at the cover art!


Dorrance Publishing has the novel available in hardcover at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. More release formats will follow! Until then, you can follow the author at @hurdistheword52 on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Congratulations, Peter! We’re looking forward to reading it!

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