Benny Loves You

Movie Review (2021): Karl Holt’s ‘Benny Loves You’ Delivers Equal Parts of Blood and Laughter

If you’re looking for a fun, deep belly laugh horror-comedy, Benny Loves You will do the job. The film was directed and written by Karl Holt who also stars in the film alongside Claire Cartwright and George Collie. Holt also produced with John Bowe.

Benny Loves You

Synopsis for Benny Loves You

After the accidental death of his parents, Jack’s comfortable lifestyle comes to an end and he must sell his family home. Desperate to improve his life, Jack throws out his childhood belongings including his beloved plush, Benny. It’s a move that has disastrous consequences when Benny springs to life with deadly intentions!

Benny Loves You

Benny Loves You delivers a wildly entertaining story with equal parts of blood and laughter. The best way I can describe this film is if 2012’s Ted had a coked-up cousin, it would be Benny. Think of that scenario mixed in with 2005’s 40- Year-Old Virgin and boom you got Benny Loves You. Basically, this film is about a troubled and awkward middle-aged man named Jack, whose only friend is a stuffed toy named Benny. And Benny will do anything for Jack. Even kill for him. He goes all out and is even pretty creative with his kills, so you have to give him credit for that. His thirst for death and mayhem also reminds me of another film, Lisa Ovie’s Puppet Killer. Although their storylines are different, they have very similar disturbing relationships especially when it comes to a boy and his “best friend,” so I highly recommend checking that out as well especially if you enjoyed this one!

Karl Holt not only starred in this film but wrote, directed, and produced. I thought he was impressive throughout the film. At first, you’re never really sure if his character has lost his mind or if Benny is actually real. He also plays that type of character that is almost too embarrassing to watch (you feel the need to look away) because they kind of just suck at life and are painfully awkward around others in a social setting. But with a new love interest and Benny by his side, he’s learning he can do anything he sets his mind on. What I loved most about Benny Loves You was the relationship between Benny and Jack. It may have been toxic, but they truly loved each other.

Benny Loves You

The next best thing about this film was hands down the wickedly awesome creative kills and blood splatter galore. There are non-stop kills from beginning to end including death by cake! Yes, that’s right. In Benny Loves You, you really can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Final Thoughts

This film is completely over the top and ridiculous, but I needed a good laugh and Benny Loves You delivered that and much more. I highly recommend checking it out. The film is now available in select theaters, On Demand, and will hit Blu-ray on Blu-ray June 8 from DREAD.

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