Logan (2017): A Dark Journey’s End

You may be wondering how a Marvel film made it onto a website that primarily reviews horror. That would be due to seriously dark undertone and brutality in Logan that is normally held back in most superhero movies, which warrants its R rating. Thanks to Tim Miller’s smash hit Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds paving the way for darker comic book stories, director James Mangold (The Wolverine, Walk the Line) shows us a Logan that we haven’t seen before as Hugh Jackman reprises his role one last time.

Aged, scarred and haunted from his long life, Logan struggles to hold it together, escaping his legacy through drinking and solitude while hiding out along the Mexico border. With the help of Caliban (Stephen Merchant), an albino mutant, Logan’s single purpose is caring for Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who has become ill with age. When their path crosses with Laura (Dafne Keen), a young mysterious mutant, Logan and Xavier must travel across the country seeking safety for the child. Pursued by dark forces with connections to Logan’s past, startling truths of the present are revealed giving the aged and tormented mutant a new purpose.

The dark undertone of the latest Marvel film isn’t the only reason horror fans should immediately run to the nearest theater. In his last time portraying James “Logan” Howlett, Jackman goes all out as the film holds nothing back ramping up the brutal action to do this story justice. Limbs and blood begin to graphically fly within the opening scene as Logan defends himself displaying the lethality of his adamantium claws like never before. The action only escalates from there featuring an impalement scene, a decapitation and much more.

With plenty of graphic action on the surface backed by substance behind the story, a dark undertone, and a heartfelt somber ending, this is a must see Marvel film earning 8.8/10 on IMDB and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. With many elements comprising this film about human connection, Logan is much deeper than your standard superhero film that fans of many genres will love. However, as advertised, you may want to leave the kids at home for this feature.

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