Ash vs Evil Dead: Season One (2015) – Blood, Gore, and More!

Calling all television show bingers!  Are you looking for an awesome horror television show to watch?  Well, look no further because I found a diamond in the rough. Ash vs Evil Dead: Season One (2015) is now streaming on the Starz network!  They are even offering a free seven-day trial which allows for more than enough time to binge the crap out of this show.  Also, Mr. Evil Dead himself, Bruce Campbell, is the main star of the series.  I’m pretty sure I just heard thousands of streaming devices being turned on.  Bruce has that kind of power.  Don’t worry.  I am helpless in his presence as well.

It has been thirty years since the Evil Dead have wreaked havoc on the world.  During this time, it would appear that Ash (Bruce Campbell) has been letting life pass him by.  He works at the “ValueShop” mart, lives in a trailer, drinks to excess, and lures random women into his bed with stories about how he lost his hand.  Before long, The Book Of The Dead resurfaces and Ash unintentionally reads a passage that unleashes the Kandarian Demon again.  Lucky for us, the astonishing Ash is still fully capable of standing up to these nasty monsters.  All he needs is one swipe of his chainsaw to send the demons back to the fiery depths of hell.  He also has two loyal sidekicks to help him.  Both fellow co-workers of Ash at the ValueShop, Pablo Simon (Ray Santiago) and Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) are thrust into the fight against the demonic forces that threaten to kill out the human race.  Can this dynamic trio pull it off?


You know why this show is so flipping dipping awesome?  Well, for one, it is directed by the original creator of The Evil Dead series, Sam Raimi.  As a kid, I would watch Evil Dead 2 on a constant loop.  Don’t judge, but I would even re-enact scenes from the movie with my Barbie dolls.  Please note, I did not actually cut off any of their limbs.  Those dolls were too damn expensive.  However, Ash vs. Evil Dead brought me back to that time as I experienced the same feelings of giddiness I had when I was younger.  This show was everything I was looking for and more.

On another note, The Evil Dead series is known best for being a gory horror comedy.  Be prepared to laugh your butt off because Campbell has plenty of witty moments up his sleeve.  As for the blood and gore, watch out for the rapid blood drainage, severed limbs, and heads being chopped off.  Would we expect anything less from The Evil Dead?  I think not.


The film work and make-up are also phenomenal. The conjuring of demons is no easy task.  Therefore, having a well-equipped staff to edit is crucial to bringing the true essence of The Evil Dead alive.  Each scene is pieced together with bloody perfection.  In addition, the make-up allowed for some awesomely creepy characters.  It was hard for me to take my eyes off of them.  Once I did, I double checked that my door was locked.

Upon the conclusion of Ash vs Evil Dead: Season One, I found myself wanting more.  My wish must have been granted because season two begins airing in October!  Rock on!  I will happily reunite myself with Ash, Pablo, and Kelly as they continue their epic journey into the land of hacking up possessed individuals.  In the meantime, I will sit and ponder how fantastic season one was.  One word comes to the front of my mind.  Groovy!


Here’s a sneak of Season 2’s trailer:




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