Kevin TRAN’s ‘The Dark End of the Street’ (2020) – Movie Review

When I first saw the synopsis for this film, I was hesitant to watch it. Animal cruelty of any kind always impacts me quite a bit and I usually steer far away from it and this includes Disney films. That being said, I decided to put on my big girl pants and take a chance on The Dark End of The Street.

The last end of the street

This film was written and directed by Kevin TRAN. It stars Scott Friend, Lindsay Burdge, Brooke Bloom, Jim Parrack, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jennifer Kim, Daniel K. Isaac, Anthony Chisholm, and Rod Luzzi.

Synopsis for The Dark End of the Street

The film follows various characters over the course of one night in a suburban neighborhood where it has been recently discovered that someone has been killing people’s pets. The film explores character’s fear of insecurity, anxieties of growing up and settling down, and concerns of feeling disconnected and alone.

We often perform our daily duties without thinking much of something bad happening, so when something does, it often turns our world upside down. In the film The Dark End of the Street, nothing bad ever happens in the community, so when they hear about the gruesome acts being done to pets, everyone becomes on edge and paranoid. Who could it be? It was an interesting look at different people’s lives and how they react and handle bad news.

Some of the performances were phenomenal while others seem forced with no personality behind them. This made certain scenes hard to get through. Jim Parrack´s performance stood out and made me want to know more about his character. Brooke Bloom delivered an emotionally powerful performance. I could feel her pain and confusion at the loss of her cat and she realistically portrays how miserable it is to lose someone you love, no matter how small or furry.

Overall, the film fell flat for me. It was very slow-paced and there are too many different character stories going on to build any type of connection with them. The ending was a mix of emotions but mostly I was left with several questions and uncertainty.

The dark end of the street

Despite its flaws, The Dark End of the Street is worth checking out and a unique look at what happens to a neighborhood when a crime happens. This micro-budget drama was featured at New Filmmakers 2020 and will be released on VOD from Gravitas Ventures on Tuesday, August 11th.

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