Interview with Quinn Jackson, Star of Horror-Comedy ‘It Cuts Deep’

Quinn Jackson is a brilliant actress and this is just the beginning for her. She starred in the new horror-comedy, It Cuts Deep and completely blew me away. I was lucky enough to chat with her about what inspired her acting career, how she got the role in It Cuts Deep, favorite scenes, and more!

PopHorror – Hi Quinn, thanks for talking with me! What inspired you to get into acting?

Quinn Jackson – When I was little my grandma used to take me to the theatre on the weekends. Growing up in NY there was plenty of opportunities to see great work and one night when I was in 1st grade I told my parents I wanted to take acting classes and I’ve been on that same path ever since.

PopHorror – You’ve done a lot of shorts and TV series, but It Cuts Deep appears to be your first big feature role. How does that feel?

Quinn Jackson – I feel very blessed that this was my first feature, while we shot only for two weeks, we became close almost instantly. The cast and crew were filled with a group of genuine, fun, and creative people and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

PopHorror – That’s great. Is acting in a film/short differ much from when doing a TV series?

Quinn Jackson – In my experience with this film as well as some of the shorts I’ve done, there is more time working as a collective and building the world you’re playing in, more time with the director and the team to build up your collaborative spirit. I’ve only done a bit of parts in the TV realm so for me, it’s mostly been different in that you’re there to play into a world that has already been created around the principal characters and premise of the show. You dive in without much rehearsal and then move on – theres less time for experimentation.

PopHorror – That makes sense! How did your role for It Cuts Deep come about?

Quinn Jackson – I found the role backstage and applied for an audition. On the day of the audition, my grandma went into the hospital for appendicitis and I took a break to come and audition for the role. I loved working with Nick (the director) and Kristy (producer) in the room and immediately wanted to work with them.

PopHorror – Can you tell us about your character?

Quinn Jackson – Ashley is in her mid 20’s, and is at that moment in life where she’s figuring out what’s next for her and Sam – that crucial moment in the relationship when you do or don’t choose to take the next step. Hard working, sees the good in people, and at a lot of points in this movie confused without ever letting the circumstances around her submerge her underwater.

PopHorror – Great description! Could you relate to her at all?

Quinn Jackson – In many ways – in both her strength and her vulnerability – her openness to the humor in a situation, her ability to take matters into her own hands.

PopHorror – Any favorite scenes?

Quinn Jackson – The diner scene where we first meet Nolan. The ghostbusters scene with Sam. The final scene between Ashley and Sam.

PopHorror – All great scenes! Being that this film is a horror-comedy, do you enjoy the horror genre? If so, what’s your favorite horror film?

Quinn Jackson – Yes!! Oh man, my favorite… Freddy Krueger haunted my dreams for years… but my fiance and I just watched Kathy Bates in Misery and I found that to be weirdly satisfying.

PopHorror – YESSS! We can totally be friends, lol. =) Any upcoming projects you’d like to talk about?

Quinn Jackson – I am currently getting my MFA at NYU Grad Acting!! So back to school for now!

PopHorror – That’s awesome, Quinn. Good luck and I look forward to all your future projects! It Cuts Deep is now available in select theatres as well as Digital and VOD.

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