Movie Review of ‘Possum’ (2018): An Eloquent and Dismal Psychological Horror Film

Do you like psychological horror films that have more substance and depth than what is expected? Possum (2018) will have you pondering if you can spy him, deep within… Will you find Possum black as sin?


Possum is Matthew Holness’s (also known as spoof horror writer Garth Marenghi) film directorial debut. The screenplay is an adaption from a short story he wrote and was released on October 26, 2018 by Dark Sky Films. Possum stars Sean Harris (Prometheus 2012, Mission Impossible: Fallout 2018) and Alun Armstrong (Krull 1983, Sleepy Hollow 1999, The Mummy Returns 2001).

Official Synopsis:

After returning to his childhood home, a disgraced children’s puppeteer is forced to confront his wicked stepfather and the secrets that have tortured his entire life.

Upon first viewing of Possum, it was the music by The Radiophonic Workshop that lured me in. If ‘haunting despair’ had a playlist, then this score would definitely be one of the top tracks. At times, it sounds like a single, solitary flute is playing, which fits so well since it mirrors the main character’s painful isolation.

At the beginning of the film, the narration is a visceral experience of the pained, monotone voice of the main character. He recites a poem about something called Possum. This poem describes Possum as a malignant entity intent on devouring children who stray too far from the protection of their mothers. This definitely pulls one into the story. The storytelling throughout the film is powerful, especially at the beginningThe film opens with very little explanation as to what is going on, leaving the viewer clueless. There is a lot of significance in the dialogue of the characters in these scenes that may very well be missed by casual viewers. The haunting precedence of these conversations is felt as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place later in the film.

The acting delivered in Possum is amazing! Sean Harris’ performance as the main character, Philip, demonstrates the dread and pain this man is experiencing. Alun Armstrong’s portrayal of Maurice exudes corruption and cruelty. Together, these dynamic actors deliver performances worth experiencing.

Alun Armstrong as Maurice in Possum

Final Thoughts

One of the greatest aspects of finishing a movie is being able to take something away from it. That is the sense of fulfillment in the time spent with this film that turns it all into continued thought even after it is over. With Possum, I wanted to experience this story over and over again, five times so far to be exact!

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