Jordyn DiNatale for the Second Season of Crypt TV's The Birch
Jordyn DiNatale in the second season of Crypt TV's The Birch

Interview with Jordyn DiNatale for Season Two of Crypt TV’s ‘The Birch’

Just recently the AMAZING and highly anticipated trailer for season two of the hit teen horror series, The Birch, dropped and everyone is loving it. The Birch is produced by Crypt TV with Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, and Darren Brandl as Executive Producers, and Jeremy Elliott and Daniel Persitz serving as Co-Executive Producers. I recently got a chance to talk with one of the stars of the series, Jordyn DiNatale. Learn about how she got this role, her character, details about season two, and more. 

PopHorror – Hi Jordyn, it’s great to talk with you. Are you having a good 2021 so far?

Jordyn DiNatale – It’s great to talk with you too! I am having a good 2021 so far. After the last year we’ve had, I think we can all agree the only way to go from here is up.

PopHorror – Totally! What inspired you to become an actress?

Jordyn DiNatale – My parents are definitely my inspiration, although I didn’t realize it until I got older. Growing up, my mom and dad had their own regional show band, so I got to see them perform a lot. It was always so much fun- the singing and dancing, and the energy that came from the crowd was contagious. I was really shy, but they could always get me dancing with their music. From that came my love for performing. I also LOVE stories. What better way to enjoy a story than to be a part of the telling of one?

PopHorror – So true! You’ve dabbled in a lot of TV series. What’s it like to play so many different characters? Do you want to do more feature films in the future as well?

Jordyn DiNatale – Having the opportunity to play so many characters has been amazing. Each character brings a fresh new perspective. It’s been fun exploring the minds of so many different kinds of people. TV is fulfilling because a lot of times, you have the opportunity to stay with a character for a long time and learn them inside and out. But I do hope to do more films in the future because with them comes this idea of finality. The story has a beginning, middle, and end. I love being able to follow the story of a character to its completion.

PopHorror – You are in the second season of Crypt TV’s supernatural horror series The Birch. How did this role come about for you?

Jordyn DiNatale – I was sent the audition to look over and was immediately intrigued. I went and binge-watched the whole first season! I am actually terrified of scary shows/movies but I was drawn to Evie’s character and I love stories that have magical elements in them. As I was reading through the audition material for my character, Rory, I really felt for her. She is a character with a lot of depth that I knew would be fun to explore. I sent in my audition tape, a callback tape, and then worked with our director, John Ross, via Zoom. I also did chemistry reads with other actors via Zoom. It’s crazy, technology and the pandemic have really changed what we consider a traditional audition to be like.

PopHorror – Yeah it has! Can you tell us about your character?

Jordyn DiNatale – My character Rory is a typical teen trying to find herself in a world inundated with examples of who you should be and what you should look like. She isn’t trying to be popular, she just wants to be seen by her peers and by her mom. She tries all kinds of strategies, from fashion trends to makeup tutorials, but she sort of misses the mark and her efforts backfire on her. At her core, she’s looking to be loved and she thinks maybe, just maybe, she’ll find it from The Birch.

 Jordyn DiNatale for the Second Season of Crypt TV's The Birch
Jordyn DiNatale for the Second Season of Crypt TV’s The Birch

PopHorror – Can you relate to her at all?

Jordyn DiNatale – I think almost anyone can relate to aspects of Rory’s life. I have struggled in times of my life with friendships and feeling like I’m on the outside looking in. Imposter syndrome and the feeling of not being “enough” has a way of creeping in, especially when you are constantly seeing other people’s seemingly fabulous lives displayed on social media. I think what has been so amazing for me, is my support system. Something Rory sadly, does not have.

PopHorror – Yeah I agree, we’ve all experienced this and a support system is a must. What are you excited for most regarding the 2nd season?

Jordyn DiNatale – I’m super excited to see how all of the character arcs unfold. We block-shot everything and in doing so, it was a challenge to follow everyone’s stories. I can’t wait to see how they all come together. I also cannot wait to see how all of the practical effects mesh with the visual effects and sound design. I was blown away by the special effects on set and am so excited to see the final product!

PopHorror – Do you think this series is relatable with the fact that it deals with peer pressure and cyberbullying?

Jordyn DiNatale – Definitely. Rory finds herself at the center of a joke that’s circulating around school due to something her mom tags her in on social media. A seemingly harmless post, spirals into memes, hashtags, and horrible comments. This happens way too often online. And the worst of it is the fact that we can’t get away from bullying anymore. We can’t go home and be free of it. It follows us everywhere on our phones and computers. I encourage anyone dealing with cyberbullying to not keep it hidden and seek out someone to talk to.

PopHorror – Exactly. I can’t imagine what it’s like being a kid these days. Any other upcoming projects you’d like to talk about?

Jordyn DiNatale – Yes! I can’t really go into details, but I’m super excited about my next project, Fear Street, a trilogy of horror films coming out on Netflix this summer.

PopHorror – Oh that sounds exciting! Can’t wait for it. I wish you the best of luck in all your future projects and thanks for talking with me again!

Tune-in: Season two of The Birch will drop weekly on Fridays starting March 26, 2021, at 3 pm PT only on Facebook Watch. The season finale for the ten-episode series is on May 28, 2021. All episodes will be available globally on The Birch and Crypt Monsters Facebook pages.

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