I Am Alone (2015): Movie Review

Imagine being in the wilderness, alone. Nothing but your thoughts to keep you company. Meanwhile, society is going to hell in a handbasket while you are trying to return to civilization. This is the main premise of Robert Palmer’s survival zombie film I Am Alone. It was filmed in the mountains of Montrose, Colorado with the support of the town and other local filmmakers. I was super impressed that the film was actually filmed in the Rockies which sometimes is not always the case. This film is shot as a found footage film. I think it works because it tells a zombie apocalypse story in a unique format.

Official Synopsis:

An unknown virus begins to spread infecting the local population almost instantly, but footage found by the CDC of one man’s survival may just help them find a cure. 

Jacob starts his journey in the wilderness with only his pack. His film crew (Mason and Adam) have gone into town to get footage for the survivalist show when terror reigns down. People start fleeing in terror and the infected prey and attack the living. I liked the way that it seemed to pace between Jacob in the wild, Mason’s fight to get to Jacob and Mason being questioned by Dr. Marlow.

We see strong performances from Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) as Jacob and Gunner Wright (Dead Space 2) as Mason. Jacob becomes infected when he attacked in his tent. We see his spiral into chaos as he tries to hold onto his humanity while trying to get back to civilization. The scene where Jacob is trying to get in contact with his wife was emotionally charged. We can see Jacob’s hope dwindling as his last connection to civilization is cut off. His only way of survival is to keep going on.

Mason’s journey in the film is in two parts. First with his interactions with Dr. Marlow as he is being interrogated while watching the film footage. The second part is Mason trying to get back to Jacob. He does everything to get back to Jacob while civilization is going to hell. The only thing that I find far-fetched while watching Mason’s parts is the cameras in the barns. I don’t think there would be a camera in a barn or in front of a sheep pen. That was a little unrealistic.

Overall, I loved the film. Zombie movies are not really something I watch frequently but this movie is unique because it seems to be realistic. It wasn’t too gory which I liked but many will say otherwise since it is a zombie movie. It is a unique zombie film to check out. I Am Alone is available VOD. I Am Alone is a deeply moving morbid story of survival and zombies. Let us know what you think! Do you think Jacob made his way back to civilization?

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