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Award-Winning Screenplay ‘With Child’ Announces Its Cast and Begins Pre-Production

We’re excited to announce that the award-winning screenplay, With Child, announced its cast and has begun pre-production. The recipient of the 2012 ‘Bitch Pack’ award at Shriekfest, With Child, is a supernatural horror thriller, written by Jeff Kacmarynski, whose work can be seen in anthologies such as, Welcome to Hell, 60 Seconds To Die, and the upcoming feature Essence

With Child

Synopsis for With Child

This film follows an expecting mother, as she is thrust into a series of increasingly violent confrontations with ghastly children,  demanding that she is the mother of death, and she kill her unborn child. Searching for answers, she uncovers a sinister truth about her son, and a terrible truth as to who these children are.

Combining elements of supernatural horror, slasher vibes, a brooding atmosphere,  and dark commentary on destiny and who we are shaped to be, With Child, has assembled an incredible,  international cast. The film features Laura Ellen Wilson (Monster, Surprise) in the title role of Lily. Jenn Nangle (Malvolia Queen of Screams), Maria Olson (Percy Jackson), Sheri Davis (Lake of Shadows) Julie Anne Prescott (The Last Roommate), Christian Vaccaro (Murder Party), Thom Mulligan (Callous), Cheryl Prater (Attack of the Unknown) David McMahon (Bonehill Road), Aeowyn Sayer (Toll House Horrors), Jessica Cherniak (The Plot Against America), Abriella Grace Ruby (The Angry Man), and Jacob Ault (Essence).

Jenn Nangle and Julie Anne Prescott
Jenn Nangle and Julie Anne Prescott in The Last Roommate

Production is tentatively scheduled for January 2021. With Child is produced by Sub-basement Films, who produced the upcoming feature, Essence. This film looks amazing with an incredible cast and I can’t wait to check it out!

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