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József Gallai And Gergö Elekes’ Film, ‘I Hear The Trees Whispering,’ To Release This Month

The time has come! We can finally pre-order the Blu-ray for József Gallai and Gergö Elekes’ film, I Hear The Trees Whispering (2022 – our review), which will be released on September 20, 2022. The VOD release will happen this month as well. And let me tell you, this film is …

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József Gallai and Gergö Elekes’ ‘Project Skyquake’ (2022) – Movie Review

Anyone who’s read my review of József Gallai and Gergö Elekes’ 2022 film, I Hear The Trees Whispering, knows how much I loved it. The unique first person POV, the creepy, dim forest in every direction, the main character’s struggle to process what happened to his wife and daughter, and …

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Hungarian Filmmaker József Gallai Announces Sci-Fi Mystery Film, ‘Project Skyquake’

After watching the unforgettable film, I Hear The Trees Whispering (2022 – my review), earlier this year, I became immediately enamored by Hungarian Filmmaker József Gallai’s unique brand of storytelling. His out-of-the-box direction and character-centric narrative put him straight to the top of my favorite directors list. And now, just …

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