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HorrorHound Weekend 2018: Top 5 Must Do’s

As an avid lover of all things horror, there is one horror convention that I look forward to over all others every year. HorrorHound Weekend is a convention that takes place in Sharonville, Ohio, over a three day weekend in March. It is all things a horror movie lover could hope for from a convention. Below are my 5 must do’s if you attend this amazing horror convention.

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1. Meet Celebrities

I have had the ability to meet so many great celebrities over the years at this year’s HorrorHound Weekend, and it is hard to pick just a few of my best memories. One of these great memories would be meeting my teen crush, Ethan Embry. I have been a fan of his from Empire Records to the best indie horror movie of last year, The Devil’s Candy.

Another highlight for me would be getting to meet the director and cast of Re-Animator. From explaining to Stuart Gordon that I was old enough to have enjoyed this movie as a child to speaking with the lovely Barbara Crampton about this movie and some of her current work, it was a joy of an experience. Then there was meeting Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead. He signed his book for me and enjoyed my t-shirt so much that he wanted a picture of it. This was captured in pictures by friends and it may look like I am flashing him, but I promise I was not.

There is also the two times I have had the joy of meeting Jen and Sylvia Soska, that you may know from American Mary. They are such beautiful souls and really make everyone feel welcomed with their hugs and infectious smiles. I could go on and on about my experiences with this but will end that it is something I highly suggest doing if you attend the HorrorHound Weekend convention. They never disappoint with the line up of celebrities that this convention brings.

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