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A 2019 HorrorHound Weekend For the Record Books

Nathan Hanneman, the man behind HorrorHound Weekend, had really outdone himself with the 2019 event. Along with his crew, Nathan put together one of the best convention experiences for the horror fans that were in attendance… an experience that will be hard to top! This year’s HorrorHound Weekend (read our …

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HorrorHound Weekend 2018: Top 5 Must Do’s

Zombie Dogs at HorrorHound

As an avid lover of all things horror, there is one horror convention that I look forward to over all others every year. HorrorHound Weekend is a convention that takes place in Sharonville, Ohio, over a three day weekend in March. It is all things a horror movie lover could …

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Rock N Horror Interview – Skeletons In My Closet

I discovered the most amazing horror-themed clothing company in December of 2015. This Night of the Living Dead shirt screamed out for my attention as I was doing my typical search on Etsy for creepy and unique horror items. My creepy yet vibrant heart could not put the shirt in my …

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