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HorrorHound Weekend 2018: Top 5 Must Do’s

Zombie Dogs at HorrorHound

As an avid lover of all things horror, there is one horror convention that I look forward to over all others every year. HorrorHound Weekend is a convention that takes place in Sharonville, Ohio, over a three day weekend in March. It is all things a horror movie lover could …

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Havenhurst (2017) Movie Review

Welcome to Havenhurst, where there is only one simple rule: stay clean and live a good life. This is the only thing the tenants need to do in order to live in this gorgeous Gothic apartment building. The tenement has its secrets, however, and they don’t like to stay quiet. …

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Havenhurst (2017) Gets a Release Date

Havenhurst is mind-blowing, thought-provoking horror – a film that makes the viewer connect the dots to unlock its¬†secrets. It is suspenseful and terrifying. When I first watched the film, the characters drew me in. Even Havenhurst acts as a character in its own right. But when can we expect to …

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Review – Circle (2015)

Regardless of our diversities, we all share a basic human connection and the will to live. How quickly are we are willing to overlook that connection and sacrifice our fellow man in favor of living for just a few more minutes? That is the main question lingering throughout Circle. As …

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