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New Indiegogo Started To Finish Brad Twigg’s ‘CRACKCOON’


A new Indiegogo has been announced to finish Brad Twigg’s (Killer Campout) new horror/comedy film: Crackcoon. The film stars Rosaria Eraso (Shriekshow), Justin P. Martin (Killer Campout II), and Gary Lee Vincent (My Uncle John is a Zombie). Principal photography has wrapped and the team is looking for finishing funds. …

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Feature Film, ‘INNER CHILD,’ Child Now Live on IndieGogo!

The @thehorrorgallery Instagram account shared this super nifty and interesting crowdfunding campaign for a feature film called ‘Inner Child‘. https://youtu.be/P5xxzmNVKzc The story of ‘Inner Child‘ is based on a novella and a short screenplay of the same name from Natalie Rodriguez. The short film screenplay version of ‘Inner Child‘ placed in …

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‘DEMON SQUAD 2’ Kickstarter Campaign Is LIVE!

Demon Squad 2

Fighting Owl Films is excited to announce that they are getting ready to make Demon Squad 2 and have set up a Kickstarter page to help fund it! If you’re not familiar with the original, you can read about the film and learn how you can stream it here! Demon …

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Indiegogo Fund Set Up for David Kerr’s ‘THE SLASHER NURSE’

The Slasher Nurse

Slasher 15 Productions is excited to announce that they are getting ready to make a remake/upgrade to their film Curse of the Slasher Nurse called The Slasher Nurse and have set up an Indiegogo page to help fund it! The Slasher Nurse Synopsis After a cruel prank goes wrong, one person …

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Joshua Brucker Announces His Next Found Footage Film: ‘THE WOODMEN’

Director Joshua Brucker (Mothman) is back to direct his next found footage feature film, The Woodmen. The film will star Anna Clary (Late Checkout), Dan Grogan (The Mutilator 2), and Cory Vinson (We Won’t Hurt You). THE WOODMEN Synopsis The Woodmen follows three individuals who find themselves in a fight …

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New Posters Drop for Werewolf Film, ‘THE FOREST HILLS’

The Forest Hills

Coming soon is a cool new horror project that heralds Shelley Duvall’s (The Shining) return to cinema: The Forest Hills. This new werewolf film also stars Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgement Day), Dee Wallace (The Howling), and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp). Here are the new posters: Check out the trailer …

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‘EVIL DEAD II’ Meets ‘HOT FUZZ’ In The ‘HOW TO KILL MONSTERS’ Kickstarter Campaign

How To Kill Monsters

The folks behind Book Of Monsters (2018) are back (read our glowing review here) with How To Kill Monsters, and we couldn’t be happier! According to filmmaker Stewart Sparke, How to Kill Monsters is “an entirely practical FX-driven horror comedy movie about a rag-tag bunch of rookie cops and lawbreakers …

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Today Is The Last Day To Support ‘Mental Health and Horror’ Documentary On Indiegogo!

Mental Health and Horror is a feature-length documentary film discussing the positive impact horror films can have. The project has recruited a variety of interview subjects, including horror icons, fans, film critics, historians, directors, writers, and professionals from the mental health world. The talent list is fantastic, and includes Kelli …

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‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ (1984) Board Game Available Via Kickstarter

“Naughty!” Do you love Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) as much as we do (read our retro review here)? Are you ready for the Board Game version of the classic slasher? The Kickstarter is fully funded and some stretch goals are unlocked. You just need to order your copy today! …

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