FEAR HAUS Weekly Recap – Robert Bryce Milburn’s ‘American Hell’ 3/14/19

We here at PopHorror are massive believers in FEAR HAUS and its glorious hostess with the mostest, Blair Bathory. We’re always more than happy to show our support of Blair and her Atlanta-based horror brand. So, needless to say, when someone on staff suggested weekly recaps of this visionary anthology series, there were no objections. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as last week’s episode was the official launch of their Volume 5 block of episodes, kicking off with Robert Bryce Milburn’s demented short film, American Hell (2014).

FEAR HAUS, Robert Bryce Milburn, American Hell
FEAR HAUS’ sinister selection for 3/14/19: Robert Bryce Milburn’s American Hell

For the uninitiated, the premise of FEAR HAUS is very simple. Imagine a weekly anthology series, something akin to The Twilight Zone or Tales From the Crypt. Rather than Rod Serling or the Cryptkeeper, our ghoulish goddess, Blair Bathory (read our interview with her here), serves as host of FEAR HAUS, presenting the episode in creative and entertaining fashion. She’s our Vampira, our Elvira, our Joe Bob Briggs, but with a flair and style that is 100% completely her own, unmistakably Blair. Each and every week, we’re gifted with a different short film, all handpicked by our mistress of the HAUS. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill horror short films. They are the cream of the crop from around the globe, the best the world has to offer. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive right into American Hell.

Blair Bathory
If Blair Bathory is your emergency dispatcher, salvation is never coming.

For this week’s wraparound intro, Blair is serving as your not-so-friendly neighborhood 911 emergency dispatcher. Not sure who entrusted our venomous vixen with this responsibility. Clearly, they had no clue who they were dealing with. The poor, ill-fated sap who called looking for help is no doubt still waiting. Blair isn’t interested in stopping the bloodshed… she’s looking to add to it. Her last name isn’t Bathory for nothing, afterall. Our distressed caller might need saving from our hell-spawned hostess instead, she seems to have a totally different kind of dispatching in mind.

A wild night of brutality spent in American Hell
A wild night of brutality spent in American Hell

From here, we’re plunged directly into American Hellfrom the deranged mind of Atlanta filmmaker Robert Bryce Milburn. This is actually the second time FEAR HAUS has collaborated with Robert, as they proudly presented the world-premiere of his short, Devil 13, as their Halloween exclusive episode in 2018. But that was an altogether different circle of hell. This visceral vision of violence focuses on three vicious home invaders on a late-night killing spree. These twisted miscreants come armed with weapons and a video camera, so they can film the carnage. They barge into an innocent family’s apartment and make the man of the house an offer he can’t refuse: do what they say, or they’ll massacre him and his family. He’s about to spend an unforgettable night in American Hell. Fans of Rob Zombie’s sadistic, gritty style should feel right at home here. This is a trio only The Devil’s Rejects could love. For its 8 minute runtime, this films packs quite a punch.

Blair wishing every one sweet screams!
Blair wishing every one sweet screams!

As of the writing of this piece, this week’s all-new episode will have already premiered, as FEAR HAUS drops a new episode every Wednesday evening. Last week’s episode not only marked the launch of Volume 5, but was also unexpectedly pushed to Thursday thanks to the infamous Facebook Debacle of 2019. But the HAUS is back on schedule this week, with the new episode, Substance, unleashing earlier tonight. We’ll be sure to get these weekly recaps out in a more timely fashion from now on, but thank you so much for joining us. We hope you’ve enjoyed being condemned to American Hell (watch this episode right here), and be sure to tune in every Wednesday evening at the FEAR HAUS Facebook page for their newest episodes. As our bewitching hostess would say, “Until next time, victims… sweet screams!”

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