Brad Twigg’s ‘Deathboard’ (2020) Movie Review: Game Night Brings Demonic Mayhem

Brad Twigg’s new movie, Deathboard, provides plenty of gore, hilarious characters, and a nice twist at the end. Deathboard really hits on all the right points for me as a slasher fan. There weren’t too many weaknesses that I found within the film.

Synopsis for Deathboard:

After moving into her new house, Valerie invites her closest girlfriends to see her place. What none of the girls realize is that Valerie’s new house is the former residence of serial killer Cyrus Riker. After an odd run in with their weird neighbor, Milton, the ladies decide to break out the Ouija board. Things you should never do with a Ouija board is exactly what the girls do. They conjure up the spirit of Cyrus Riker, and bloody mayhem ensues.

The Comedic Characters Of Deathboard

One thing you can always count on in a Brad Twigg movie is funny characters and a lot of laughs. Valerie, who is played by Rosanna Nelson (Harvest Of Horrors 2020 – read our review here), is probably the closest you will get to a serious character. Rosanna has become a regular on Twigg’s movies, and I can see why. I’ve never seen her give a bad performance, and she always elevates any movie she is in.

All of Valerie’s girlfriends are played by Melissa Sapienza (Arm Wrestling Roulette 2019) as Kathleen, newcomers Serena Bobinas as Dawn and Stephanie Jenkins as Annie, and Maggie Hill (Theatre Of The Deranged III 2019) as Pam. Every one of them are bitchy and whiny, but weirdly enough, still likable. Most of the time, I’m not a fan of your typical slasher bitchy characters. But these ladies add a lot of humor, and you can’t help but laugh at them.

The funniest character in the film is Milton, played by Maxx Morrison (upcoming Shriekshow). Milton reminds me of crazy Ralph from Friday The 13th (1980 – read our retro review here). He’s the weird neighbor that warns the ladies about Cyrus Riker once living in Valerie’s new house. He provides a lot of the laughs in the movie.

You also have Rick Jermain (Her Name Was Christa 2020 – read our review here) who plays serial killer Cyrus Riker. He’s not in the movie a whole lot, but Jermain does a good job when he is on camera.

The Kill Scenes in Deathboard

I want to give a round of applause to the special effects team for Deathboard. James Bell, Ashton Brooks, Daniel Brooks, Leslie Monk, Darren Ricci, and Bethany Shana did such a kick ass job on this film. The kill scenes are outstanding and elevate the movie. In my opinion, the special effects team are the real stars of Deathboard. This is definitely one of those films you watch simply for the gore.

The Music in Deathboard

I know I just praised the special effects team for their work and pretty much said that they are the MVPs of the film, but I also have to give an award to Composer Rocky Gray. I honestly believe that in the indie horror movie scene, there is no one better at writing horror movie soundtracks than this man. I’ve seen every movie that Gray has provided music for, and I’ve never heard a bad soundtrack… or even a mediocre soundtrack.

He’s a talented filmmaker who loves horror movies and provides the best music in the business today. Rocky’s music always fits the style perfectly, to always serve and make a scene better. As most horror fans know, the score in a horror movie is vitally important. Have you ever watched a horror movie without a soundtrack? The movie is lifeless. Never underestimate the importance of the soundtrack in a horror movie.

Honestly, if I was making my first indie horror movie, Rocky Gray would be the first person I would hire to create the music. He did a phenomenal job on Deathboard. I can’t say enough good things about his work in this film.

Final Thoughts

Brad Twigg’s Deathboard is a demonic, bloody, fun time from start to finish. If you like your slashers with some comedy, plenty of intestines getting ripped from people’s stomachs, and a simple straight forward plot, then you need to see Deathboard.

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