SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME: The cast of Deathboard (2019) is terrorized by a Ouija-summoned serial killer.

New ‘Deathboard’ Trailer: Bring On The Summoning

In Horror Movie Land, Ouija boards and bad decisions go together like peanut butter and jelly. And while the new trailer for the upcoming Deathboard (2019) certainly delivers on the nostalgia, it’s also marked with the goofiness and charm we’ve come to expect from indie staple Fuzzy Monkey Films.

I’ve long thought that cohesive editing is one of Director Brad Twigg’s (WrestleMassacre 2018 – read our review here, Brutality 2018) strongest qualities, and the Deathboard trailer showcases this talent nicely. It does an excellent job of letting us know what we’re in for without ruining it with specifics.

We get: The cursed house, a legendary, dead serial killer, and beautiful ladies having a good time. The Ouija board is eventually produced, and bloody, supernatural mayhem ensues. I particularly enjoyed the terrified discovery of a severed head cooking in the oven.

Rosanna Nelson (WrestleMassacre 2018) looks fierce and determined in the forthcoming Deathboard (2019).

Now, normally, there’s a pretty loud voice of reason and endless debate in these kinds of movies over whether or not to summon the evil spirit. And while some dissent is present in the trailer, I liked how enthusiastic most of the ladies are about tapping into the Underworld. Let’s DO this!

Why the hell not?

In all, the trailer left me with a sense of familiarity coupled with the assurance that I’m going to see something new in the bargain.

According to Brad Twigg:

“The best way to describe it is a mix between The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) and Witchboard (1986), with Fuzzy Monkey Films’ own unique touch of wackiness thrown in.”

Shot in seven days on weekends, Deathboard stars Fuzzy Monkey regular Rosanna Nelson (Killer Campout 2017 – read our review here), and other familiar Team Monkey faces like James L. Edwards (Her Name Was Christa 2019 – read our review here), Maggie Hill (4 MILFs VS. Zombies 2015), and Rick Jermain (Fiendish Fables 2016).

The script was written by frequent Twigg collaborator Todd Martin (Killer Campout 2 TBA). Former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray (10/31 franchise – read our interview with him here) provides the music.

Andy Vineberg (WrestleMassacre 2018) gets ready to blast resurrected evil back to Hell in Deathboard (2019).

Twigg hopes to have Deathboard ready for a physical release in time for Halloween. Updates are posted on the film’s Facebook page.

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