BITS 2017: ‘The Wolf’- Short Film Review

Since I started writing for PopHorror, I’ve seen some fantastic, wonderfully made indie films. Their quality and inventiveness always blow me away. Did The Wolf (also known as Le Loup) earn its place on my favorite horror short films list? Find out below!

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The Wolf centers around young couple Sarah (Sara Sue Vallee) and Gabriel (Patrick Gauthier). The couple goes to a remote cottage to give their relationship a second chance, but the owner of the cottage (Mario Saint-Amand) has other plans for them. 

The only thing I knew about this film going in was the title.

The Wolf is a beautiful French Canadian revenge tale directed by Carl Tremblay. Tremblay had only directed one short film (Loi 22 2015) before The Wolf. Based on what I’ve seen, Tremblay has a bright future ahead of him in filmmaking.

What I truly loved the most about this film was the story. In just under 15 minutes, the story is properly set up and ready to completely take viewers by surprise. Patrick Gauthier wrote and starred in The Wolf. His writing and acting were both fantastic on this project! Mario Saint-Amand and Sara Sue Vallee were also fantastic in their roles. I loved the special effects. The gore factor is always a plus for me.

I just have to say I absolutely admire the cinematography in this film! Bruno Lebel has done a fantastic job with his camerawork in this film. The way he shot this film is nothing short of beautiful! 

The Wolf Final thoughts

The Wolf is a beautifully shot tale of vengeance. I personally need an origin story, because these characters are so damn interesting! The film will premiere in the Blood In The Snow Film Festival on November 25th. I recommend this short film to everyone! Check it out if you get the chance!

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