BITS 2017: ‘Even the Darkness Has Arms’- A Short Movie Review

The dark. A breeding ground for all sorts of fears. I remember as a kid, I had to sleep with a nightlight on, for a lot of years it seemed. The way my bedroom was set up, my closet was around a corner of the wall that my bed was against. So, basically, you couldn’t see the closet. To make matters even scarier, there was an attic above the closet. So, needless to say, a lot of noises seem to come from within that closet. My mind would come up with all sort of unrealistic and terrifying situations. You will be happy to hear that no boogeyman ever emerged from my closet to peer around the corner at me. The horror short Even the Darkness Has Arms delves into that. What happens when your fears manifest in the dark?

Even the Darkness Has Arms, written and directed by Chris Bavota, is featured in this year’s BITS Festival. The film stars Dany Gange, Kristina Sandev, and Lee Paula Springer. Special FX make up by Dwayne Hanley. This film is a short film. The film clocks in at two minutes. Yes, you read that right. Two minutes. Which leaves you to wonder, will this film scare you in two minutes?

Even The Darkness Has Arms Synopsis

In the middle of the night, a man is haunted by a manifestation of his fears.

even the darkness has arms

My Final Thoughts

Does this two minute film scare you? In one word. Yes! Don’t let the two minute run time fool you. I found the movie eerily quiet, which added to the build-up of suspense of what exactly was waiting for him in the dark. It captured fear so well in such a small amount of time. The quietness, what lurks in the darkness and is he the only one who sees this boogeyman or is it all in his head? This is worth the two minutes and it definitely stays with you long past those two minutes.

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