How ‘Never Hike Alone’ Set The Standard For Fan Films

For many years now, fan films have become a favorite for all especially fans of the horror genre. It’s these fan films that give viewers a much more enjoyable experience as it’s commonly hailed as a film made by fans for fans. They leave a permanent mark for viewers to remember in the years to come while also motivating others to make their own films. One that has not only made its mark but has also set the standard for fan films is Never Hike Alone. Directed by Vincente DiSanti in 2017, Never Hike Alone garnered acclaim from critics and fans for going in a different direction than many fan films of the time, as well as following closely to the Friday The 13th series. Never Hike Alone has set the standard for fan films. Let us explain how.

1. Vincente DiSanti Presented Never Hike Alone With A Unique Story 

Vincente DiSanti, Director Of Never Hike Alone, says:

“One of my goals when getting into the film industry was to one day work on a Friday The 13th production. With so many struggles to get a new film produced in the last 11 years, Never Hike Alone became an outlet for me to have that experience and share my love for Friday The 13th with other fans. What honestly started as a side hobby has turned into something I never expected but am very grateful for.”

Andrew Leighty As Kyle McLeod

Never Hike Alone centers on a lone hiker named Kyle McLeod who ventures throughout the woods making his way to Crystal Lake. Eventually, Kyle comes across Jason Voorhees and must fight to survive all alone against a killer thought buried but not dead. This breaks away from the common theme of Jason Voorhees going after more than one character whether he was in Crystal Lake, Manhattan, or even in space. This time around, Jason has his sights set on one character who is all alone but ready to do battle for his life.

2. Never Hike Alone Presented Viewers With A Much Stronger Element Of Realism

Thom Mathews reprised his role as Tommy Jarvis for the first time since Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Never Hike Alone also broke away from the common theme of the Friday The 13th films by presenting viewers with a full blown element of realistic terror. This is heavily present when Jason gives chase and hunts down Kyle in the film. Rather than give audiences what they normally see in the Friday The 13th films—which is the tone of a popcorn slasher film—Vincente presented viewers with a much darker and realistic tone. One perfect example is when Kyle is severely injured while being chase by Jason and has to return back to the camp in a stealth-like manner to find supplies to heal himself. That adds great tension for viewers who question whether or not he will even survive given his injury as well as making sure he doesn’t come across Jason again.

3. Never Hike Alone Presented Viewers With A Excellent Production Quality For A Fan Film

Vincente DiSanti also says:

“I hope Never Hike Alone can act as an example of how to handle the responsibilities and risks that come with fan filmmaking. Fans put put a lot faith in the projects. For that, it becomes an important responsibility to deliver on what we promise to the fans who invest in our ideas.”

One of the best things about Never Hike Alone is its production quality. Once the film begins, many are blown away by the visuals and quality, especially coming from something being presented as a fan film. From the footage being caught from Kyle’s camera to the aerial and grounds shots of the setting, Vincente made sure this would presented in the best way possible. He did exactly that once he released Never Hike Alone to the public. It’s this type of effort and dedication that sets the perfect example for young and aspiring filmmakers that dream to present their fan films in the way that they have always envisioned them to be presented.

Overall, Never Hike Alone has set the standard for fan films and will continue to do so in the years to come. Fans will take inspiration from it when they make their own homages based on the franchise they love. One thing is for sure… we can expect many fan films in the future that will be sure to leave their mark among the same way Vincente DiSanti’s Never Hike Alone has.

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