Rene Rivas’ ‘The Tent’ (2020) Movie Review: A Run Into The Unknown

Throughout the years, up and coming filmmakers have put forth their dedication towards making their projects become a reality. Whether it be a feature length film or a short, these filmmakers invest the time and effort to make sure their films look the best they can. It’s this type of passion and effort that gives audiences something to remember after watching. One film that has left me impressed is the short horror movie, The Tent.

The short film is based on a story by Aaron D. Lewis and is directed by Rene Rivas (The Spirit Of Haddonfield) and Bryan C. Goff (The Spirit Of Haddonfield). The cast includes Marla Robinson in the lead role as Heather and Ciarra Newman as Jenny.

Synopsis For The Tent 

The film centers around a lone trail runner named Heather who ventures into the woods unaware of the mysterious danger that awaits her.

Marla Robinson as Heather in The Tent PC: Rene Rivas Productions

I went into The Tent blindly. Without knowing about the plot or seeing a trailer, I didn’t know what to expect. Upon watching the film for the first time, I really enjoyed it. The story starts off with retro-style music reminiscent of horror films from the ’80s, and then focuses on a trail runner named Heather who has just arrived to go for a run in the woods. Things take an unexpected turn as a terrifying danger awaits her.

I will say the acting from Marla Robinson was well done, as she gives a genuine performance as a runner alone and terrified for her life in the woods. If there is one thing this short horror film has further proved to me, it’s how talented Rene Rivas is as a filmmaker. After releasing his short film, The Spirit Of Haddonfield, Rene further showcases his talent with The Tent. If you are looking for a short horror film to watch, then I would highly recommend The Tent.

Rene Rivas’ The Tent arrives this Thursday, October 1st on VOD.

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