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‘Stranger Things’ Most Hated Episode, ‘The Lost Sister’: Why I Love It

Stranger Things is insanely popular, especially right now with season 2 having premiered at the end of October. There are many things that the fans seems to disagree on and debate, but one thing everyone seems to agree on (with the exception of my girlfriend and I), is that season …

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BITS 2017: ‘Kill Order’ – Movie Review

Kill Order

While not my go to genre, I do enjoy martial arts films quite a bit. What I am a bigger fan of is science fiction, especially films about people with superhuman abilities. The moment I saw the Kill Order trailer, I was really excited to see it. The film looked like it …

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Interview With Hank Braxtan, Director of ‘Snake Outta Compton’

Awhile back, I was on a run at my day job and was listening to the radio, where they were discussing a trailer for a movie called Snake Outta Compton. I’ll just say that the radio personalities were not very kind. I knew from their description that it sounded like the …

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‘Rites of Vengeance’ (2017) Short Film Review

rights of vengeance

I’m a huge fan of revenge films, being one of my favorite sub-genres of horror/thrillers. It’s a genre I can’t get enough of, so when I was offered the chance to review Izzy Lee’s short revenge film Rites of Vengeance, I jumped at the chance. Here are my thoughts. Rites …

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The Tome of Bill Book 1: ‘Bill The Vampire’ by Rick Gualtieri – Book Review

I’ve been on a major reading kick lately, with most of my choices being urban fantasy. For awhile now, the book Bill The Vampire has been popping up in my Amazon recommendations but until now, I haven’t paid it any mind, mainly because I prefer series with female protagonists. I …

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Midnight Texas Book 1: ‘Midnight Crossroad’ by Charlaine Harris – Book Review

After watching season 1 of True Blood when it hit DVD, I searched out Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries series (AKA The Sookie Stackhouse series). I was hooked pretty quickly but eventually got burned out on the series and stopped reading (although I plan to pick it up again someday). …

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Interview with Andrea Von Drakenstein, Owner of Drakenstein Art

Do you like things that are simultaneously cute and creepy? Then you will love the art of Andrea Von Drakenstein, the owner of Drakenstein Art and creator of a ton of beautifully made and adorably creepy creations. I had the opportunity to chat with Andrea about her dolls and her …

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Interview With Michael O’Shea, Writer and Director of The Transfiguration

Awhile back, I had the chance to watch and review the amazing vampire film The Transfiguration (read my review of the film here) from writer/director Michael O’Shea. I absolutely loved the film, so I reached out to Michael and asked him for an interview. Thankfully, he accepted. Check it out! PopHorror: …

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Interview With Actress Alyss Winkler of ‘Plank Face,’ ‘Space Babes From Outer Space’ and ‘Safe Place’

I’ve been a fan of Alyss Winkler since I first saw her in Scott Schirmer’s Plank Face. This was cemented when I saw her 180 degree turn in a comedic role in the hilarious Space Babes From Outer Space (check out my review for the film here). Awhile back, it was …

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