Killer Date (2016) Horror Short Review

Dating can be hard. You would think with all the social media platforms that we have nowadays that it would be easier. Swipe right to possibly find the love of your life… or possibly your worst nightmare. When I heard about Killer Date, a horror short that attacked that very prospect, I jumped at the chance to review it. Here our my thoughts on the horror short Killer Date!

We’ve included the horror short so you can check out the short film for yourself. From director Carlos Omar de Leon (KAL the Clown 2016), Killer Date is about a male blogger who constantly goes on dates with women and then blogs about them. Quickly into the film, the man meets his latest date for the night. They head back to her place to where he thinks he’s going to get lucky. Just knowing that Killer Date only has a run-time of 5:48, you should know by now how the ending goes.

Final Thoughts:

To me, the idea behind Killer Date is an interesting idea and I would have liked to see that explored. Making a short film is tough – making a horror short film is, by far, the most difficult. This film needed more back story. I felt like I watched it and then, in a blink of an eye, it was over. Other then the slight back story on the male lead, you find out nothing about these characters. The ending felt like a kill scene stolen from the TV show Dexter. Without the backstory, it just kind of feels like a rip of something else and highly predictable. I think that Carlos Omar de Leon has a promising career as a director, because the film is shot beautifully and the casting was pretty damn good. He left me wanting more, which is usually a good sign. In this case, there just really wasn’t enough substance. I look forward to any of his upcoming films, however. The final verdict on this one was the premise was there, but Killer Date just didn’t steal my heart.


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