13 Of The Worst Friends In Horror Films

A few years ago, we shared our list of some of the best friends in horror films. Today, we are focusing on the worst of the worst friends to have when you’re living in a horror movie. Whether they made the main character’s situation worse, or they were the very cause of said situation, these are definitely not the friends you need by your side! For this list, morality and loyalty go hand in hand, so they could just be awful human beings in general. However, the main focus is on how these guys treated their friends. If there is anyone you feel should be on this list that we missed, let us know in the comments!



Juno The Jinx – The Descent

Natalie Mendoza in The Descent

I can’t think of a single thing this woman has done that wasn’t selfish or stupid. First off, Juno (Natalie Mendoza) decided to have an affair with her friend Sarah’s (Shauna MacDonald) husband. Then, when Sarah lost said husband AND her daughter, Juno chose to leave and didn’t even try to be there for her! Let’s fast forward to a year later, where her selfish acts cost her friends their lives—all for fame. Juno led her friends to believe they were going on a safe cave expedition to a tourist spot. What really happened was she brought them all to a cave no one has ever been in, let someone else in the group handle the rescue plans for the wrong cave, and didn’t tell anyone the truth until AFTER they were all caved in. Should I even mention when she stabbed another one of her friends and left her to die, or have I convinced you enough?

No-No Nikki – Texas Chainsaw 3D

Tania Raymonde in Texas Chainsaw 3D

Every time I watch Texas Chainsaw 3D, I get more and more angry at this backstabber. As Heather (Alexandra Daddario) was discovering the truth about her past and her real family’s life, Nikki (Tania Raymonde) decided this would be the perfect opportunity to seduce her boyfriend, Ryan (Trey Songz)! Ryan tried to set her up with a friend of his—which she acted like she liked him to Heather—and Nikki still never let up. Ryan definitely wasn’t innocent in all this, but if Nikki didn’t keep trying to pursue him, they wouldn’t have been fucking in a barn while Heather was being chased around by Leatherface (Dan Yeager)!

Jemma The Jokester – Host

Jemma Moore in Host

What could’ve been a spooky but fun evening turned into a real nightmare, all thanks to Jemma (Jemma Moore). While preparing for a Zoom séance, Haley (Hayley Bishop) made it very clear to all of the friends involved that this was a serious matter and that it was imperative to not joke around. Jemma heard Haley’s pleas as, “Don’t respect my wishes… make up a dead childhood friend and act like he’s there with you!” Her little act brought some truly horrific consequences, and it all could’ve been avoided!

You’re NOT cool, Brewster! – Fright Night (2011)

Anton Yelchin in Fright Night

I have to say I’m very disappointed in how easy it was for Charley (Anton Yelchin) to forget about his friends just to fit in with the cool kids. As he was enjoying his new popularity, his childhood friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), tried to convince him that his next door neighbor was a vampire, and the vampire killed their other friend. Charley not only acted like one of his friends disappearing was no big deal, he was just such a jerk to Ed. He didn’t even want to be seen talking to the guy, and he outright refused to hear him out about his neighbor being a blood-sucking freak… okay, I can’t really blame him for not believing it at first. HOWEVER, if he gave him a chance, I think Ed would’ve had at least a fighting chance instead of being completely abandoned by Charley when he needed him the most.

Alice The Asshole – Contracted

Alice MacDonald in Contracted

Alice (Alice MacDonald) is undoubtedly one of the worst friends I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing in a movie. So, Alice has had a crush on her friend, Samantha (Najarra Townsend), for who knows how long. However, Samantha had no interest in Alice, as she has been trying to patch things up with her ex-girlfriend, Nikki (Katie Stegeman). After learning that Samantha was drugged and raped at her party, Alice decided to make it about herself and lie to Nikki, saying that Samantha had consensual sex with a man. By how Nikki treated Samantha, it’s obvious there was no way Alice told her the truth. Samantha was literally decaying on the inside and Alice decided to straight-up victim blame for personal gain. Way to kick a friend while she’s down, Alice.

L.J. The Lying Jerk – Resident Evil: Extinction

Mike Epps in Resident Evil: Extinction

I don’t care who you are… if you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you get bit by a zombie, and then you hide the bite from your group, you are a major scumbag. Seriously, when L.J. (Mike Epps) got chomped by a zombie in Resident Evil; Extinction, what did he think was going to happen? That if he ignored it, it was just going to go away? All he did was eventually make himself another threat when the group was already being attacked by a horde of zombies. If he told his group right away, he wouldn’t have turned at the absolute WORST time and bitten his friend, Carlos (Oded Fehr). I’ll never forgive him for that.

Blaire The Backstabber – Unfriended

Shelley Hennig in Unfriended

After a horrible video was posted online and suffering countless bullying, Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman) took her own life and all her spirit asked for was one thing: confession… something her supposedly best friend, Blaire (Shelley Hennig), never provided. Blaire had to witness her other friends get picked off one by one and she still chose to pretend to be innocent in the matter. She started all of this by taking that horrible video of her friend and acting like they were so close. She even threw her boyfriend under the bus just to save her own ass, which of course was pointless because Laura knew the whole time that she was guilty. 

Just Take ‘No’ For An Answer, Jane! – Beetlejuice

Annie McEnroe in Beetlejuice

I don’t know if Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) actually considered Jane (Annie McEnroe) their friend, but Jane definitely believed or pretended she was. Although, a real friend wouldn’t try and pressure them into selling their dream home simply because it’s “too big for them.” She basically shamed them for not having a family, or at least not having a family fast enough for her. Then she completely ignored their wishes, and even went as far as to show pictures of their home to potential buyers. Obviously, she wasted absolutely no time selling her “dear friends’” house after they tragically died. She clearly only cared about making money, and watching her scenes just frustrates me more and more.

Jessica, Now’s Not The Time To Be A Bitch – Sorority Row

Leah Pipes in Sorority Row

Jessica (Leah Pipes) took the typical movie bitch trope and turned it up to ten. First off, I’m not sure how far she wanted her little prank to go, but she had the chance to stop it long before it ended up killing one of her sorority sisters, Megan (Audrina Patridge). After Megan died, she manipulated everyone to help her cover it up. It’s obvious she only had her own future in mind, but she used everyone else’s issues against them. She even convinced them to frame a fellow sister, Cassidy (Briana Evigan), if she didn’t comply. Once the guilty parties were being hunted down and killed, Jessica still couldn’t let up on her selfishness and insults. Jessica, there was someone out there threatening to kill you and expose you. Would it have been so difficult to stow away your personality for a while?

Dodger The Deceiver – Cry Wolf

Lindy Booth in Cry Wolf

Speaking again on manipulation, let’s talk about Dodger (Lindy Booth). Okay, this isn’t about whether or not the teacher who Dodger was fooling around with deserved his fate (because he definitely did), this is about her dragging all of her friends into her little scheme to carry out her revenge. Dodger manipulated her friends into making like there was a killer at their school and playing the ultimate prank on the new guy, Owen (Julian Morris). They all believed it was harmless fun, but after Dodger’s puzzles all fit into place, Owen ended up believing the teacher was the real killer and shot him out of fear. Although a brilliant ploy, the fact that Dodger had no problem framing Owen for murder, absolutely traumatizing the rest of her friends and making them possible accomplices, is a really horrible thing to do.

Jill The Just Awful Human Being – Scream 4

Emma Roberts in Scream 4

What’s worse than manipulating your friends for revenge? Outright killing your friends for fame. After growing up with a cousin with a terrible past, Jill (Emma Roberts) decided that she wanted the spotlight, and she was willing to step on anyone to achieve it. She and her partner, Charlie (Rory Culkin), came up with the plan to murder all of their friends and frame Jill’s ex, Trevor (Nico Tortorella). These weren’t all quick murders either. These two made those deaths as brutal and painful as possible. They picked off their friends as if they meant absolutely nothing to them. I guess Charlie gets a dishonorable mention on this list, considering they were all his friends, too. Jill didn’t even care about Charlie as she killed him as well! I hope that 15 seconds of fame was worth losing her all of friends and only family.

Billy The Bully – Scream

Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, and Neve Campbell in Scream

Billy (Skeet Ulrich) was just a horrible person to everyone. Like Jill, he decided to murder his friends and tried to kill his girlfriend. One thing that really made me mad about him was how poorly he treated his partner in crime, Stu (Matthew Lillard). He found someone who not only kept his murderous plans a secret, but also joined him in his bloody crusade. In the third Scream film, we find out Billy only brought Stu in so he could throw him under the bus if they ever got caught. On top of that, Billy constantly insulted him, hit him, stabbed him way too many times, and then got mad at him when Stu got one good shot in his gut. Considering he needed Stu for all of this to work, you’d think he would’ve treated him like a partner and not a workhorse.

Trent The Tool – Friday The 13th (2009)

Travis Van Winkle in Friday The 13th

Remember when I said Jessica from Sorority Row took the Movie Bitch trope and turned it up to ten? Well, this guy is the poster child for Movie Douchebag! He brought all of his fiends to his cabin just so he can show off all of the neat things he had. Then he’d get mad every time they were just having fun. If you want to party with your friends, don’t take them to a place you’re be afraid they’ll destroy! The way he treated Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) pissed me off the most. He tried to sleep with her, slept with someone else when she rejected him, then he got mad at HER when she left to help a man, Clay (Jared Padalecki), look for his sister. Trent (Travis Van Winkle) accused her of sleeping with Clay (which even if she did, it was none of his business), then tried to throw her out when brutal killer Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears) was right outside of the house! He couldn’t let up his douchebaggery for two seconds to try and understand the situation, and that’s why I rejoice every time I watch Jason kill him.

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