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13 Of The Worst Friends In Horror Films

A few years ago, we shared our list of some of the best friends in horror films. Today, we are focusing on the worst of the worst friends to have when you’re living in a horror movie. Whether they made the main character’s situation worse, or they were the very …

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‘Sorority Row’ (2009): A Decade of Deception Retro Review

The sands of time often slip through our fingers too swiftly, as life flies by us at the speed of light. Once in awhile, little things pop up to remind us that we’re aging quickly… like the fact that 2009’s Sorority Row is already ten years old. This loose re-imagining of …

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In Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘SockMonster,’ Laundry Really Is A Killer

Darren Lynn Bousman, the director behind the first three Saw sequels, The Devil’s Carnival (2012) and the newly released Abattoir, has donned his Producer’s hat for the upcoming horror short, SockMonster. Written, produced and directed by #15SecondScare’s Wesley Alley, this four minute short finally offers the world an answer for that eternal question… …

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