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John Luessenhop’s ‘TEXAS CHAINSAW’ (2013) Turns 10 – Retro Review

Texas Chainsaw (2013)

It’s difficult for a director to reboot a franchise almost 40 years after the original installment. It’s even harder to produce a direct sequel so many decades later. However, that’s exactly what John Luessenhop set out to do with 2013’s Texas Chainsaw. To read reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, …

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13 Of The Worst Friends In Horror Films

A few years ago, we shared our list of some of the best friends in horror films. Today, we are focusing on the worst of the worst friends to have when you’re living in a horror movie. Whether they made the main character’s situation worse, or they were the very …

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Ranking The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Films

Of all the horror icons, Leatherface is the only one I truly care about. You can have Freddy, Jason, and Michael; I’ll be in the corner chillin’ with Leatherface. Why? Well, let’s face it: Leatherface is the only one of these who could actually exist, thereby making him a more …

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