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Coming Soon: ‘Forbidden Zone: Director’s Cut’ With Richard Elfman Live

Coming this October to the Texas Theater in Dallas is an exciting new event: a screening of the color and recently updated version of the 1980 cult favorite Forbidden Zone: Director’s Cut and featuring a live appearance by director Richard Elfman. It will be on Saturday, October 7, 2023, and will …

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Michael Kallio’s Found Footage Film, ‘The Scout’ – Movie Review

Michael Kallio’s The Scout is a found footage horror flick that takes the perspective of an in-progress, behind-the-scenes documentary on a fictional, micro budget horror film gone wrong. We wanted to share our thoughts about the film. Synopsis: An independent film crew on a group location scout are attacked by …

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’10/31 Part 2′ (2019) Movie Review: All Hail Samhain

10/31 part 2

It’s the night before Halloween, better known as Devil’s Night. Like most people around the world, I’ve spent my evening watching horror films. Mostly I’m trying to sober my emotions with horror as I watch the snowfall outside my window. Yes, like many places around the world it’s currently snowing …

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‘Shevenge’ (2019) Anthology Review: 12 Stories of Horrifying Revenge!

Lady Hunters - Shevenge Anthology

I absolutely love anthologies and female horror ones are the icing on the cake. Shevenge is a new anthology produced by horror guru Staci Layne Wilson and is made up of several existing short films directed by women. It also spotlights an all-new bite-sized horror flick plus bookends hosted by …

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