Whaddayagot? Productions To Release Cult Classic Short Film, ‘Astral Plane Drifter’

Whaddayagot? Productions is excited to announce the public release of its cult classic short film, Astral Plane Drifter, on a the live event platform, BEEM, on January 27, 2022 at 6:00 PMPST/9:00PM EST HERE.

Astral Plane Drifter stars Mike Caravella (Killer Stepmom 2022), who also directed and co-wrote the script along with Joe di Gennaro (Red Riding Hood 2007). Both men co-produced the project along with Michael Colin (Becoming Eduardo 2009). Other cast includes Andrew Joseph Perez (Megalodon 2018) in a dual role and Irena Murphy (Heels 2016). The music was composed by newcomer Rezasa and Issar Shulman (One Angry Vegan 2017).

From the press release:

Following up on its impressive 25 film festival appearances –- a successful run that includes multiple nominations and 9 wins –- Astral Plane Drifter continues to defy odds and buck trends, trailblazing its own path in the most unique and interesting of ways. This highly-anticipated public premiere, which will include a live Q&A with Writer/Director/ Producer/Lead Actor Mike Caravella, is the capper to a very special journey. Astral Plane Drifter –- and its 7 different festival genre selections –- is the ultimate “Midnight Movie” in every sense of the term, and it simply knows no bounds.

Caravella and his Astral Plane Drifter have earned rave reviews in almost every region of the country and beyond. This “Western/Sci-Fi/Kung Fu/Comedy with a 70’s vibe” has screened in Hollywood, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Florida, Utah… and even in Wyoming! In addition to playing festivals throughout the world, this infectiously likable short has scored wins in a wide range of categories including BEST OF THE FESTIVAL, BEST MIDNIGHT MOVIE, BEST COMEDY, BEST INDIE, and the all important AUDIENCE AWARD. (Not to mention a BEST ACTOR win for Caravella as well.)

The story of how this movie came together is equally as fascinating and inspiring as the film itself. After spending more than three years on the shelf after a cancer diagnosis resulting in 3 surgeries—including the removal of part of his tongue followed by extensive chemotherapy and radiation—Caravella, an actor by trade, came back with a vengeance by way of a very successful 2019 only to be shut down again by the pandemic. With his penchant for “making lemonade,” he took matters into his own hands.

When Caravella conceptualized Astral Plane Drifter during the Covid Crisis, he did it with the foresight that people wanted to get back to normalcy and good times in society. Astral Plane Drifter certainly reflects that, particularly in terms of its freestyle approach and light-hearted tone. This is to say nothing of all of the positive feedback the film has garnered over the past year. What’s more, the festival Q&As have been nothing short of raucous and entertaining, with the big question being, “What’s next for Drifter?” and “When will we see Drifter again?”

Now, Caravella is ready to answer these questions and more! The good-natured filmmaker is currently pitching his feature length prequel, Hell Yeah! with a full trilogy of Drifter films as a par of his epic master plan.

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