‘Valentines’ (2017) – A Tasty Horror Short

Do you like horror comedies? Do you enjoy vampire flicks? If so, you may want to sink your teeth into the new horror short Valentines!

Valentines is directed and written by Chris Filipowicz who also stars in the film along with Coy Zimmermann who plays Jim and Lauren Eva Lane who plays Matty. 

Official Synopsis:

A man goes to a bar on Valentine’s Day looking for love… he finds something else.

I’ve always been big into vampire tales and Valentines is pretty fun. With a runtime of just over 5 minutes, this horror short has a pretty simple storyline that delivers some fun comedy and awkward moments. Many of us get lonely on Valentine’s Day, even vampires.

The acting was average. I would have liked to see a little more character development, even if it was only an extra minute or two. Either way, I enjoyed their roles, especially Matty who was played by Lauren Eva Lane. Lauren hasn’t done many films yet but I could see her going far.

The biggest flaw of the film is the special effects and makeup. I would have loved to see more attention to detail in this area and wicked effects. The makeup that was done just didn’t do the short justice.

Final Thoughts

Valentines is a horror short that has much promise. It’s a vampire horror comedy that delivers a bit of fun in less than 6 minutes. I think it’s one that could do very well as a feature film with more background, detail about the characters and more story leading up to Valentines Day. You can view the short down below. Take a bite out of it when you can and let us know what you think!


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