FGBFF (2018) – Blood Sisters – Short Film Review

“Blood to blood, sister to sister…”

Bonding can be a beautiful thing. That is, if you’re not performing a ritual to do so! As we dive into this year’s Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, we review one of the submitted short films, Blood Sisters

(Synopsis provided by IMDb.com):

Two friends (Emma Gladwell, Hannah Vanderheide) perform a ritual to make their relationship stronger, but soon find themselves dealing with the supernatural consequences.

Even though this film is only eleven minutes long, it brings about a very entertaining and mysterious story. The best things about Blood Sisters are its leading stars. Emma Gladwell (Maid of Honor 2013) and Hannah Vanderheide (Dead Sharks 2015) brought some real personality and chemistry into their roles. They also provided some very genuine laugh out loud moments. These two ladies make a terrific duo!

The special effects in the short were also very well done. In my book, the more gore, the merrier. Well, there’s plenty of it in Blood Sisters. The deep cuts and bruises looked very realistic and the people responsible for these effects should be proud!

Final Thoughts:

Blood Sisters is another indie short film that’s beautifully shot combined with a unique concept executed in a very wonderful way. The director of Blood Sisters, Caitlin Koller (30 Miles From Nowhere 2018), has done a commendable job with this film. We highly recommend it!

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