Unforgettable (2017) – Movie Review

The green eyed monster knows when to rear its ugly head. We all get jealous from time to time. It is human nature. However, if we let envy consume us, then we are just leading ourselves down a broken road. Maybe there was a reason that relationship broke up. Katherine Heigl’s character in the 2017 film Unforgettable sure did not understand how to grasp this concept. This movie is the perfect example of how jealousy can chew up your soul and spit it out. Did I really find my movie going experience “unforgettable?”

Directed by Denise Di Novi, Unforgettable opens with a young woman named Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson: Sin City, Death Proof) quitting her job to move to a new town to be with her handsome beau, David Connover (Geoff Stults: Wedding Crashers, The Break-up). What Julia is hoping will be a new beginning ultimately turns into a nightmare. David’s ex wife, Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl: Knocked Up, 27 Dresses), is still very much in the picture because they have a child together (Isabella Kai Rice: Pretty Little Liars). Tessa also wants David back and will stop at nothing to do so. If that means making Julia’s life a living hell, then so be it.

How did this film really measure up? In my opinion, I would describe Unforgettable as “awesomely bad.” Awesome because the entire film is pretty enjoyable. I found it very comical. I don’t think that was the actual intention of the film, but it was seriously hilarious. It was bad because the acting is downright pitiful. I do give props to Heigl as she really knows how to play a snooty woman. However, the crazier she got, the less believable she became. Dawson is typically known to play strong female leads. This film portrays her as a more weak and vulnerable woman. I think she did a good job but I prefer to see her in stronger roles.

Then again, both Heigl and Dawson showed two very different sides of weak women – one who enjoys destroying people and one who lets things fester until it is too late. I felt both were missing that extra spark that would have turned this film into a masterpiece.

Even Cheryl Ladd’s performance as Tessa’s mother fell flat. I get it. She was supposed to be the evil grandma who aided in the behavior of Tessa. If that was the case though, why didn’t we see more of that? I just saw her as a snobby old woman who was strict. I didn’t pick up on any crazy behavior from her. She was just plain mean. That’s it.

Overall, I would not say this film is unforgettable because I really did enjoy watching it. I just found the acting to be below par for the actors who were cast. I just expected more as I have seen much better from them in the previous roles. Would I recommend this film for others to watch? Absolutely. I think other viewers will enjoy Unforgettable and will possibly take away something different from it than I did.

Also, the cat fight toward the end was not too shabby. Now that I look back, that scene actually felt legitimate. Then the ending happened and I was right back to where I started. You certainly can’t win them all but you can still enjoy the experience! Have you had a chance to go see Unforgettable yet? What did you guys think? We would love to chat about it with you!

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