Top 5 Reasons To Watch ‘They Look Like People’ (2015)

In the mystery/drama film They Look Like People, a troubled man named Wyatt suspects people around him are turning into evil creatures, and wonders if he should protect his only friend, Christian, from an impending war or from himself. It is an independent film and very interesting. We at PopHorror think you should watch They Look Like People, and here’s why so here are the top 5 reasons you should watch. * Spoilers ahead!*

1. Who Or What Is That?

The film gives you an uneasy and paranoid feeling right from the get go. I believe it is the simple shots like the opening, where we see a man (Wyatt) laying in the dark with a girl beside him. The lighting only shows part of her face and is very slow and long. It’s not until much later when you find out who she was.

2. Did You Hear That?

Another factor that gives you an uneasy feeling in They Look Like People is the audio. The director uses the sound of flies when Wyatt is connected to the monsters. It very much remind me of how, in The Exorcist, they used the sound of wasps to make the audience feel uneasy.

 3. Friendship

As the movie progresses, we learn about more and more about Wyatt and Christian’s friendship. They were friends in high school and we get the sense that they eventually lost touch. When we first meet Wyatt, he says to Christian, “Your number changed.” Christian is doing well in his job and seems to have a crush on his boss. He also listens to self help tapes that we find out later were recorded by his ex-fiance. Wyatt, on the other hand. is a bit more mysterious. We learn he had a fiance at one point but the relationship ended. We also learn that he is seeing a doctor.

4. The Acting

The actors in They Look Like People were relatively unknown before this film, but they were fantastic. The casting director really found some hidden gems. MacLeod Andrews (Wyatt) was absolutely amazing at keeping his character balanced between sane and insane. You also get to see how lonely Wyatt was and how how much he cared for Christian. Evan Dumouchel (Christian) was also very good at showing how is character was trying to make up for being a “loser” in high school; he is obsessed with going to the gym and trying to be the best he can be.

5. The Ending

The ending of They Look Like People messed me up to the point where I had to Google it. I eventually came to the conclusion that it was all in Wyatt’s head. There were no monsters; it was only in his mind and nothing else. That is just my personal opinion, however. You, the reader, might come to a different conclusion after watching and that’s okay. The ending actually made me mad but it was also really good. If you like independent films or thrillers, I believe one hundred percent that you have to watch They Look Like People.


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