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Collector’s Blu-Ray Edition Of Perry Blackshear’s ‘They Look Like People’ Coming Soon!

Available for pre-order from Yellow Veil Pictures and director Perry Blackshear (The Siren) a collector’s Blu-ray edition of the brilliant 2015 film, They Look Like People. The film stars MacLeod Andrews (Doctor Sleep), Evan Dumouchel (The Siren), and Margaret Ying Drake (Let’s Be Out, the Sun Is Shining). Synopsis: Suspecting …

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Top 5 Reasons To Watch ‘They Look Like People’ (2015)

In the mystery/drama film They Look Like People, a troubled man named Wyatt suspects people around him are turning into evil creatures, and wonders if he should protect his only friend, Christian, from an impending war or from himself. It is an independent film and very interesting. We at PopHorror think …

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5 Awesome 2015-2016 Horror-Related Things on Netflix

5 Awesome 2015-2016 Horror-Related Things on Netflix We’re a generation of online streaming and although I love buying special edition Blu-rays, I can’t deny the fact that when in doubt of what to watch I can always browse Netflix and their plethora of options to choose from. However, some people are …

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