Top 10 Creepy Twins in Horror

No, you’re not seeing double…  there are twins on your TV screen. Creepy twins can make you feel pretty uncomfortable – two people with the exact same features and mannerisms, physically and mentally closer than two people have any right to be, who share secrets and speak their own language. And, no matter how well you think you know them, for a split second you always wonder if the one you think you’re talking to is actually the other one.

Over the years, there have been some pretty creepy twins in movies and television. Some, like the Weasley twins from the Harry Potter series, are mostly harmless – unless you get on their bad sides and they decide to play a magic-fueled prank on you. Even Dr. Spock had an evil twin. But then there are others who stick in your mind long after you’re done watching… and they’re twice as hard to forget.

10. Jackie and Julian from Goodbye Gemini (1970)

Although fraternal, these two creepy twins from Alan Gibson’s Goodbye Gemini definitely deserve a place on this list. Jackie (Judy Geeson) and Julian (Martin Potter) are two rich, spoiled, college-aged kids who do whatever they want without consequences. They carry around a teddy bear named Agamemnon whom they ask for advice and treat like a father figure. When Jacki starts getting close to other men, Julian jealously freaks out because he’s in love with his sister and wants her to want him back. When friend/local pimp Clive (Alexis Kanner) tries to blackmail them, the two murder him, but destroy Agamemnon in the process. This sends them both on a codependent downward spiral that does not have a happy ending.

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