The Drain (2017) Psychological Horror Short Review

For little kids, a lot of things are scary – some more then others. A lot of things strike fear into their hearts, from the monster that lives in their closets or under their beds to scary, face-painted clowns, or even something real like poisonous snakes or insects. As for me personally? Nothing terrified me more as a little kid than the shower drain. Yes, the shower drain. I have Stephen King’s IT and Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street to thank for that. When I heard about Colin Blair’s horror short The Drain, I was eager to watch it to see if my nightmare as a child translated the same way as an adult. Did The Drain deliver? Let’s discuss!

The Drain is a 2017 horror short written and directed by Collin Blair. It has been a film in progress since 2013. The horror short just got through having a very successful run on the film festival circuit, securing up quite a few awards.

The official synopsis:

The Drain follows a lonely older man living in an apartment complex. He likes to people watch from his window with a pair of binoculars. Quickly his life isn’t so lonely anymore when a voice from his shower drain begins to talk to him. The voice taunts him and seems to know more about the man then the man would like. Is this some sick prank? Or is it the root of something much deeper?

What I enjoyed about The Drain is the superior acting ability from Rob Brownstein who played the man. Brownstein played the part to a T! The interaction between him and the downstairs neighbor (Tara Samuel) is extremely believable. Blair as a director clearly knows how to convey emotion from his directing and his script. It captured my attention for the entire run-time. The original score by Justin La Vallee is nothing short of amazing. The music ties in to the film effortlessly and sets the tone without question.

Final Thoughts

The only complaint I have with The Drain is that it is not longer. I feel the story is so compelling and leaves you with the ultimate “What the fuck” ending. However, I believe if Blair wants to further explore this film, he left it open so it could become a full length feature. In my humble opinion, he totally should as the premise is certainly attention grabbing. After watching the trailer, it didn’t go in the direction I had anticipated, which I quite enjoyed. I feel as though this movie plays more on inner demons as opposed to some silly fictional character popping up out of a shower drain. I have much respect for the story that is The Drain. You can watch the full short film below. Give it a watch and let us know in the comments if The Drain sucks you in!



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