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‘THE REAPER MAN’ Cometh: Spoiler-Free Review

The Reaper Man

‘The Reaper Man‘ scores a major win for independent horror. Jaron Lockridge is a filmmaker who can make a lot happen with just a fraction of what Hollywood offers its directors. His talent is on full display with his latest film, The Reaper Man (2023). An independent filmmaker hailing from …

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‘Bayou Whispers’ (2021) By R. B. Wood – Book Review

Books can take readers anywhere in the world and sometimes even to other worlds. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. With the world right now as it is, that is not really possible. But Bayou Whispers by R.B. Wood took me to the New Orleans that I have …

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‘VooDoo’ (2016) Review: A Gross Misrepresentation

Voodoo has long since fascinated the general population. Its mysticism and supernatural emphasis makes it seem magical and taboo to most people. People forget that Voodoo is an actual religion that has its reaches from the southern United States to Cuba, Haiti and the Caribbean and stretching all the way …

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Wild Eye Releasing’s ‘Voodoo’ Is Coming To DVD!


Wild Eye Releasing sends word that one of the best reviewed horror films of 2017, VooDoo, is coming soon to DVD! The film has earned a ton of critical praise for its gore, creepiness, and strong acting performances. Reviewers are also impressed with the disturbing vision of Hell portrayed in …

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‘Gore Shriek’ Comics Volume 1 Review, Issues #1 – 6.5

It was way back in 1986 when the unsuspecting public saw the release of this iconic black and white horror comic. Published by Thomas Skulan of FantaCo Enterprises, Gore Shriek is one of the original and more visceral gore comics that found a cult following in that era three decades ago, …

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VooDoo (2016) Found Footage Movie Review

As I got ready to watch Tom Costabile’s VooDoo, I found myself reading a few reviews about the film before I hit the Play button. I just wanted to know what I as getting into. Everything I read said it would be fantastic. Of course, this made me wonder if my …

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