‘Bayou Whispers’ (2021) By R. B. Wood – Book Review

Books can take readers anywhere in the world and sometimes even to other worlds. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. With the world right now as it is, that is not really possible. But Bayou Whispers by R.B. Wood took me to the New Orleans that I have always wanted to see. It has voodoo, ghosts, zombies, golems, and ancient entities. Jeannine LaRue, a survivor of unspeakable trauma, comes back home to help her savior and former cop, Curtis Jones. But instead of getting a good homecoming, she is confronted by ancient voodoo entities that are hell-bent on world destruction. So, let us journey on to the dark of New Orleans of Bayou Whispers.

The plot revolves around the two main characters, Jeannine and Curtis. The first scene is heartbreaking, and it pulls the reader into the book right off the bat. Jeannine is not only a survivor of Hurricane Katrina but also a survivor of rape and abuse. She was kidnapped by two men she thought would help her get out of the storm but they brutally beat her and sexually abused her instead. And this was when she was a teenager. She is saved by Curtis, who at the time was an officer of the law.

It has been years since Jeannine has seen Curtis, but she eventually comes back to New Orleans to defend him against the murder charges of her two captors. Something else also seems to call her back, something ancient that wants her back. Its ultimate plan is to take her over and destroy everything as we know it. So, Curtis and his merry band of outlaws go to war with the thing’s zombies and ghosts, leading to an epic showdown of a woman against the Haitian voodoo god.

I thought this book was action packed and there was never a dull moment. The novel has car chases, ghost ships, hacked-up zombies, and more. The character development is what initially drew me in. The main characters—and even the secondary characters—are fleshed out. I grew connected to Jeannine and Curtis, and there was also a great dynamic amongst the outlaw gang. Plus, there are great villains here with Papa Nightmare, Ti Malice, and Dr. Bernstein. Not only are there supernatural villains but a human one as well that took advantage of Jeannine’s trauma.

Overall, I give the novel 4 stars. It is action packed and full of twists and turns. The novel has great pacing with characters that are complex and deep. The history of New Orleans and voodoo is impeccable and highly fascinating. I don’t think we have seen the last of Jeannine LaRue yet; she has more adventures to go on.

Bayou Whispers by R.B. Wood is out April 29, 2021. You can find it on Amazon in print and ebook. Bayou Whispers was published by Crystal Lake Publishing. Check out Bayou Whispers today for a great action packed supernatural read.

About R.B. Wood

R. B. Wood is a recent MFA graduate of Emerson College and a writer of speculative and dark thrillers. Mr. Wood recently has appeared in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Shallow Water’s anthology, as well as online via SickLit Magazine & HorrorAddicts.net, and in the award-winning anthology, Offbeat: Nine Spins on Song, from Wicked Ink Books. Along with his writing passion, R. B. is the host of The Word Count Podcast—a show of original flash fiction.

R. B. currently lives in Boston with his partner, Tina, a multitude of cats, and various other critters that visit from time to time.

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Dani loves horror movies ever since she saw Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers with Danielle Harris. She loves vampires, her favorite movie is Interview with a Vampire. She reads constantly and mostly books about the supernatural and is also a paranormal investigator.

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