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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Dan Curtis’ ‘Trilogy Of Terror’ (1975)

March 4, 2020, marks the 45th anniversary of Emmy Award winning Director Dan Curtis’ TV movie, Trilogy Of Terror (1975). The film contains three different bizarre horror stories all staring Karen Black as four completely separate yet tormented women. Let’s take a look back at this infamous thriller with 9 …

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‘Trilogy of Terror’ Available on Blu Ray For First Time Ever

Trilogy of Terror is an iconic anthology in the horror genre. Directed by the late Dan Curtis (Burnt Offerings, Dark Shadows TV series and War and Remembrance), the 1975 film was actually a made for TV movie. That’s right. They showed this flick on television to the masses, and yet, …

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Cult Classic Show ‘Dark Shadows’ Turns 51!

dark shadows

This year, the cult classic show Dark Shadows show turns 51! It is an American Gothic horror soap opera which premiered June 27, 1966 and ended April 2, 1971. It aired on ABC in the afternoons and, at first, it was deemed boring by critics. It soon developed a cult following, in particular with teenagers …

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