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‘X-Files’ Turns 30 This Month And Twice, Was My Salvation

I’ve been getting away from more standard retro-reviews lately. And this The X-Files retro will be no different. Maybe something along the lines of a “love letter” to a series that was a source of comfort for me. Tales of the Unexplained and Bizarre, But on the ‘Small Screen’ I grew …

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David Nutter’s ‘Disturbing Behavior’ (1998) Turns 25 – Retro Review

The 1990s were a roller coaster of a time for the horror genre. From the lackluster franchise sequels in the early 90s to the reinvigoration of the craft through Wes Craven’s Scream in 1996, the decade went out with a bevy of underrated entries. One of the greatest forgotten gems of …

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‘THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE’ (1998) – 25 Years Later – Retro Review

The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998) is turning 25 this month, which reminded me of just how freaking exciting and rare it was to have a big screen bridge to tide you over between epic seasons of one of the most ground-breaking shows in television history. It was the kind …

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‘Sputnik’ (2020) – A Russian Retro Sci-Fi Thriller Film Review

Sputnik 2020

Thinking of sci-fi thrillers that include extra terrestrial beings, three come to my mind immediately. Those classic films are: Alien, The Thing, and more recently Pitch Black. All of these films not only explore humans dealing with the extra terrestrial itself; they also explore conflicts between humans, and sometimes the …

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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Scott Wilson Leaves a Long Film Legacy

For most of us, the late Scott Wilson’s defining moment came at the twilight of his career when he played Hershel Greene, the patriarch of a holdout rural farm family on AMC’s The Walking Dead. This was the role of a lifetime for Wilson, the kind that guarantees film immortality …

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‘The X-Files’ Pilot is Still Fresh 25 Years Later

The X-Files

I have the best notification ringtones in the world. There are two of them and both are Fox Mulder. One says, “Have you ever had the suspicion that you were abducted by aliens?” and the second says, “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.” Why do I share my fantastic ringtones …

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Meet Our Writers: KillerVegan A.K.A. Christine Burnham

1. What really scares you in horror films? Animals coming back from the dead evil. Or evil animals period. 2. What was the first horror movie you remember seeing? Children of the Corn. I don’t remember how I old I was, but I still think cornfields are creepy as hell …

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