Meet Our Writers: KillerVegan A.K.A. Christine Burnham

1. What really scares you in horror films? Animals coming back from the dead evil. Or evil animals period.

2. What was the first horror movie you remember seeing? Children of the Corn. I don’t remember how I old I was, but I still think cornfields are creepy as hell at night. This is one girl who doesn’t do corn mazes.

3. Who are your favorite movie directors? Takashi Miike, Alfred Hitchcock, and Dario Argento. 

4. What horror movies should not have been remade? All of them. Seriously, just STOP REMAKING FILMS! Stop the insanity!! Come up with your own ideas already!!

5. Who is your horror movie crush? Pumpkinhead – that impish smile of his!

6. Activities outside of writing about horror movies? Reading, cooking, gardening, aquariums, playing with my pet birds, canning, and quilting.

7. Other than horror, what is your favorite genre? Documentaries without a doubt. Any subject!

8. What is your favorite non-horror movie or show? GAME OF THRONES!!!

9. Favorite Horror Movie of All Time if you had to pick? The Exorcist

10. Favorite horror TV series? The X-Files


About Christine Burnham

When not writing, Christine Burnham is watching TV, Horror films, reading, cooking, and spending time with her menagerie of animals.

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