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Interview With ‘So Vam’ Filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay

If you’ve been following PopHorror for awhile, you may have noticed reviews we’ve done from a young Australian trans filmmaker named Alice Maio Mackay—Serpent’s Nest (2021 – read our review here) and Tooth 4 Tooth (2020 – read our review here)—both of which earned excellent marks from our reviewers. Despite …

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Alice Maio Mackay’s ‘The Serpent’s Nest’ (2021) Movie Review

The Serpent’s Nest is a short film directed by Alice Maio Mackay (Tooth 4 Tooth 2020 – read our review here), and co-written by Alice Maio Mackay and Benjamin Pahl Robinson. It stars Jamila Main as Sophia, Felicia Tassone (Awoken) as Gen, Joe Romeo (Awoken) as Danny, and Dominique Booth …

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